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Kids Jokes

# Title Hits Rating
1 Elephant jokes 05
- |Why did the elephant paint his toenails red?So he could hide in the cherry tree!What do you get if ...Read the whole joke
685 Rating:0 | Voted:0
2 Elephant jokes 04
- |What grey, has a wand, huge wings and gives money to elephants?The tusk fairy!What has 3 tails, 4 t...Read the whole joke
636 Rating:0 | Voted:0
3 Elephant jokes 03
- |What' s grey, has four legs and jumps up and down?An elephant on a trampoline!What's grey and wrink...Read the whole joke
644 Rating:0 | Voted:0
4 Elephant jokes 02
- |What' s big and grey with horns?An elephant marching band!What's yellow on the outside and grey on ...Read the whole joke
589 Rating:0 | Voted:0
5 Elephant jokes 01
- |What time is it when an elephant sits on the fence?Time to fix the fence!What's grey, stands in a r...Read the whole joke
577 Rating:0 | Voted:0
6 Dog jokes 08
- |Q: What happens to a dog that keeps eating bits off of the table?A: He gets splinters in his mouth!...Read the whole joke
602 Rating:0 | Voted:0
7 Dog jokes 07
- |Q: What do you get if you cross a cocker spaniel, a poodle and a rooster?A: Cockerpoodledoo!Q: What...Read the whole joke
577 Rating:0 | Voted:0
8 Dog jokes 06
- |Q: What kind of meat do you give a stupid dog?A: Chump chops!Q: How many seasons are there in a dog...Read the whole joke
630 Rating:0 | Voted:0
9 Dog jokes 05
- |Q: Why do you need a licence for a dog and not for a cat?A: Cats can't drive!Q: What do you call a ...Read the whole joke
617 Rating:0 | Voted:0
10 Dog jokes 04
- |Q: What do you get if you cross a dog and a cheetah?A: A dog that chases cars - and catches them!Q:...Read the whole joke
601 Rating:0 | Voted:0
11 Dog jokes 03
- |Q: What is a dog's favorite sport?A: Formula 1 drooling!Q: What do you get if you take a really big...Read the whole joke
694 Rating:0 | Voted:0
12 Dog jokes 02
- |Q: What do you get if you cross a dog with Concorde?A: A jet setter!Q: What do dogs have that no ot...Read the whole joke
627 Rating:0 | Voted:0
13 Dog jokes 01
- |Q: Why do dogs bury bones in the ground?A: Because you can't bury them in trees!Q: Why did the poor...Read the whole joke
667 Rating:0 | Voted:0
14 Chicken jokes 03
- |Q: What do chicken families do on Saturday afternoon?A: They go on peck-nics!Q: What do chickens se...Read the whole joke
581 Rating:0 | Voted:0
15 Chicken jokes 02
- |Q: Why don't chickens like people?A: They beat eggs!Q: Why did the rooster run away?A: He was chick...Read the whole joke
618 Rating:0 | Voted:0
16 Chicken jokes 01
- |Q: Why did the dinosaur cross the road?A: Because chickens hadn't evolved yet Q: Why did the turtle...Read the whole joke
601 Rating:0 | Voted:0
17 Centipede jokes
- |Why was the centipede late?Because he was playing "This little Piggy" with his baby brother!What do...Read the whole joke
596 Rating:0 | Voted:0
18 Caterpillar jokes
- |What does a caterpillar do on New Years Day?Turns over a new leaf!What is the definition of a cater...Read the whole joke
627 Rating:0 | Voted:0
19 Cat jokes 09
- |Q: What does a lion brush his mane with?A: A catacomb!Q: What noise does a cat make going down the ...Read the whole joke
591 Rating:0 | Voted:0
20 Cat jokes 08
- |Q: What is the most breathless thing on television?A: The Pink Panter Show!Q: What do you get if yo...Read the whole joke
606 Rating:0 | Voted:0
21 Cat jokes 07
- |Q: How is a cat laying down like a coin?A: Because he has his head on one side and his tail on the ...Read the whole joke
663 Rating:0 | Voted:0
22 Cat jokes 06
- |Q: What do you call a cat that has just eaten a whole duck?A: A duck filled fatty puss!Q: What kind...Read the whole joke
594 Rating:0 | Voted:0
23 Cat jokes 05
- |Q: What's the unluckiest kind of cat to have?A: A catastrophe!Q: Who was the most powerful cat in C...Read the whole joke
607 Rating:0 | Voted:0
24 Cat jokes 04
- |Q: What happened when the lion ate the comedian?A: He felt funny!Q: What's striped and bouncy?A: A ...Read the whole joke
700 Rating:0 | Voted:0
25 Cat jokes 03
- |Q: What looks like half a cat?A: The other half!Q: What was the name of the film about a killer lio...Read the whole joke
649 Rating:0 | Voted:0
26 Cat jokes 02
- |Q: What do you get if you cross a tiger with a sheep?A: A stripey sweater!Q: How do you know if you...Read the whole joke
858 Rating:0 | Voted:0
27 Cat jokes 01
- |Q: How do you know if you cat's got a bad cold?A: He has cat-arrh!Q: What is cleverer than a talkin...Read the whole joke
589 Rating:0 | Voted:0

# Title Category Hits Rating
1 stop for a glow worm
- |When should you stop for a glow worm?When he has a red light!...Read the whole joke
Kids Jokes 1812 Rating:10 | Voted:1
2 He was de-lighted!
- |What happened to the glow worm who was squashed?He was de-lighted!...Read the whole joke
Kids Jokes 1258 Rating:0 | Voted:0
3 Maggot Thatcher!
- |Who is the worm's Prime Minister?Maggot Thatcher!...Read the whole joke
Kids Jokes 1233 Rating:0 | Voted:0
4 looking for bookworms
- |Why did the sparrow go to the library?It was looking for bookworms!...Read the whole joke
Kids Jokes 1192 Rating:0 | Voted:0
5 A bookworm!
- |What reads and lives in an apple?A bookworm!...Read the whole joke
Kids Jokes 1186 Rating:0 | Voted:0

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