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Computers Jokes

# Title Hits Rating
1 Latest software technology
- Just wanted to check out that you gnarly dudes are using the latest andgreatest software technology ...Read the whole joke
673 Rating:0 | Voted:0
2 The Latest Breaking News on the GoodTimes Virus
- The Latest Breaking News on the GoodTimes Virus It turns out that this so-called hoax virus is ver...Read the whole joke
797 Rating:0 | Voted:0
3 God and the Computer
- God and the ComputerIn the beginning there was the computer. And God typed: %>Let there...Read the whole joke
622 Rating:0 | Voted:0
4 Process-Oriented God
- Process-Oriented God If God was process oriented, the Book of Genesis might read something...Read the whole joke
679 Rating:0 | Voted:0
5 Uh-Oh!!
- The husband finally wised up to the fact that his wife was less than faithful. He hired a private in...Read the whole joke
757 Rating:0 | Voted:0
6 Less-Known Computer Languages
- Less-Known Computer Languages Basic-Fortran-Cobol... Theseprogramming languages are wellknown...Read the whole joke
767 Rating:0 | Voted:0
7 The Numbers of the Beast
- The Numbers of the Beast OK, we all know that 666 is the Number of the Beast.But did you know...Read the whole joke
818 Rating:0 | Voted:0
8 Diary of an AOL User
- Diary of an AOL User July 18 - I just tried to connect to America Online. I've heard it is th...Read the whole joke
834 Rating:0 | Voted:0
9 Pest-by-Modem
- Pest-by-Modem Here's how to be a pest-by-modem:*Make up fake acronyms. On-line veterans like...Read the whole joke
639 Rating:0 | Voted:0
10 Girlfriend Tech Support E-mail
- Girlfriend Tech Support E-mail I am currently running the latest version of GirlFriend and I'...Read the whole joke
702 Rating:0 | Voted:0
11 The Technologically Challenged
- The Technologically Challenged Just in case you think YOU are TC (technologically challenged)...Read the whole joke
751 Rating:0 | Voted:0

# Title Category Hits Rating
1 If Hewlett-Packard made toasters...
- If Hewlett-Packard made toasters...They would market the Reverse Polish Toaster,which takes in toast...Read the whole joke
Computers Jokes 2082 Rating:0 | Voted:0
2 Does DEC still make toasters?..
- Does DEC still make toasters...? They made good toasters in the '70s, didn't they?...Read the whole joke
Computers Jokes 1409 Rating:0 | Voted:0
3 I heard on the news last night that Bill Gates and...
- I heard on the news last night that Bill Gates and his wife are expecting a baby in June.I'm betting...Read the whole joke
Computers Jokes 1406 Rating:4 | Voted:1
4 From Boyfriend to Husband upgrade
- Dear Tech Support:Last year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed that thenew pro...Read the whole joke
Computers Jokes 1380 Rating:0 | Voted:0
5 The Irish Virus
- An actual mailing:Greetings, You have just received the "IRISH VIRUS". As we don't have any programm...Read the whole joke
Computers Jokes 1346 Rating:0 | Voted:0

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