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Ww Exchanges-Dairy Queen
Category Mexican
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The Recipe

FROZEN TREATS 1 ea Child's Vanilla Cone 140C

1 ea Small Vanilla Cone 230C

1 ea Regular Vanilla Cone 340C

1 ea Small Choc. Dipped Cone330C

1 ea Small Choc. Sundae 300C

1 ea Small Vanilla Shake

1.5B, 385C

1 ea Small Choc. Shake-1.5B 405C

1 ea Small Vanilla Malt-1.5B 475C

1 ea Banana Split- 2F, 390C

1 ea Peanut Buster Parfait

.5FA, .25P(peanuts) 675C 1 ea Hot Fudge Brownie Delight

.5FA, .25P(egg) .25F 650C 1 ea Nutty Double Fudge Sundae

1FA, 540C

1 ea Small Strawberry Blizzard

.25F, 385C 1 ea Small Heath Blizzard- 560C

1 ea Strawberry Waffle Cone Sund.


1 ea Buster Bar-.5FA, .25P, 415C

(peanuts) 1 ea Dilly Bar- 210C

1 ea DQ Sandwich- 140C

1 ea DQ Frozen Cake Slice- 380C

1 ea Small Mr. Misty - 250C

Frozen Yogurt 1 ea Small yogurt cone-.75M, 115C

1 ea Small cup yogurt .75, 105C

1 ea Small Strawberry Breeze

1M, .25F, 185C

1 ea Small Heath Breeze

1M, 360C

Brazier Sandwiches 1 ea Single Hamburger

1.5P, 2B, 40C

1 ea Single Hamburger with Cheese

2P, 2B, 55C

1 ea Double Hamburger

3P, 2B, 75C

1 ea Double Hamburger with Cheese

4P, 2B, 110C

1 ea DQ "Homestyle Ultimate"

1FA, 4P, .5V, 2B, 190C

1 ea Hot Dog-1P, 1.5B, 85C

1 ea Hot Dog with Cheese

1.25P, 1.5B, 115C

1 ea Hot Dog with Chilli

1.25P, 1.5B, 105C

1 ea 1/4 Pound Super Dog

2P, 2.5B, 240C

1 ea BBQ Beef Sandwich

.75 P(lean beef) 2B, 20C 1 ea Grilled Chicken Filet Sand

2P, .5P, 2B

1 ea Breaded Chicken Filet Sand

3FA, 2P, .5V, 2.25B

1 ea Breaded Chicken File with

Cheese-3FA, 2.5limitedP, .5V, 2.25B, 10C 1 ea Fish Filet Sand.

3FA, .75P, 2.5B, 15C

1 ea Fish Filet with Cheese Sand

3FA, 1.25P,(3/4 fish, 1/2

Cheese) 15C Side Orders 1 ea Small French Fries-1.5FA,2B

1 ea Reg. French Fries-

2FA, 2.75B

1 ea Large French Fries-

3FA, 3.5B

1 ea Regular Onion Rings

2.5FA, 1V, 1.5B

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